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Sad children

What Can 10 Do? 

Ten dollars won't break any of us but it can help break the chains of abuse for some foster kids this summer.

Here's What to Do:

1. Invest $10 into the children of your community by clicking HERE. 

2. Find 10 friends to join you in giving $10 (that's like 2 lattes)

3. Share this page on your social media site of choice so others will know about Royal Family KIDS Camp too! Use the hashtag #10ForTheChildren

4. Feel better about the community you live in because you just invested in the future of it's children!


100's of reports of child abuse and over 1 million dollars are spent on investigations and assessments per year in Armstrong County. By supporting this mission you are helping us break the cycles of abuse, decreasing these numbers, and most importantly changing the trajectory of these children's lives. 

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