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Thank you for your interest in helping at camp this summer! Your desire to serve God and needy, young children is an encouragement to the entire RKC Camp team. Over 10,000 volunteers each year find great personal and ministry satisfaction at our camps. Many of our volunteers indicate that their camp experience is a life-changing week not only for our campers, but for themselves as well. 

The following information should be helpful to you as you complete your application:

The application, interview, and training processes for camp volunteers are rigorous. As you look through the application you will notice that we require a variety of specific information, all of which we consider necessary for the best selection of the most effective volunteers who can work together in this unique ministry. Therefore, complete ALL of the application.

  1. For the protection of the campers who have experienced abuse in their lives, we have rigorous systems in place for all volunteers including: criminal background and reference checks, detailed training and strict rules and procedures at camp. If you have had history of sexual or violent offenses that involve children, you will not be considered for a volunteer position.

  2. We are a Christian organization and our philosophy of ministry is that we accept volunteers with an active spiritual commitment to Christ. In both the application and the interview we will ask you about your church involvement and personal spirituality. Our goal is to provide children an atmosphere of care and love within the context of Christian truth and compassion.

  3. This camp is operated as a ministry of Living Water Church. As such, all volunteers will fall under the authority of the Camp Leadership as trained by the RFK National office and unit the authority and beliefs of Living Water Church. It is not required that you be a member of, or attend LWC, but as a volunteer, you need to understand that the church leadership does have authority over the operations and expectations of camp and the churches beliefs will inevitably be evident in the selection process and operation of this camp as a ministry of their church. RFK rules and procedures have authority over the leaders and church staff.

  4. Please complete all sections of the form. We recognize that in some cases sensitive and confidential information is required. We value your confidentiality and strive to limit access of all written and verbal information you may provide to those only who need to know.

  5. Because of the uniqueness and intensity of this ministry with children of abuse, not all applicants are accepted. Should you have questions before you complete your application please contact Kim or Tyler Luke at 724-951-2012

Once again, thank you for completing an application to be a volunteer at Royal Family Kids Camp!

-For the Children Armstrong Staff

Applications can be filled out in paper form OR online (online is preferred).  


STEP 1.) Apply

Step 2.) Interview

After your application is submitted, we will contact you via email to set up an interview. 

Step 3.) Train

Training is mandatory for ALL staff every year. Current training dates are on the application. 

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